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Education and Community Providing Purpose

David Benzing, professor of plant biology, speaks on the value of education and community. He explains the many ways in which they gave him purpose and allowed him to live the life he wanted. Professor Benzing lives in a highly educated and active retirement community where residents work together to pursue their intellectual goals after they have left their full-time positions. He speaks of purpose and occupation being crucial to identity and self-understanding, while also encouraging new ways of thinking about one's self and community.

Selected moments:

14:25 - A seminal moment for Professor Benzing. The beginning of his lifelong career in plant biology, a career choice he never once regretted.

15:41 - An opportunity for Professor Benzing to work with a close friend in the field of his choice brought him satisfaction.

17:57 - He speaks about the fulfillment he received from "the good fortune of having a special interest..." Especially an interest that he was allowed to nurture and cultivate.

19:08 - "Like a lot of people, I was looking for an identity... and to be a botanist is nice... people recognize you for that."

19:45 - He speaks about his retirement community, which is full of highly educated senior citizens who have retained their sense of purpose.

20:45 - Academics create an identity that extends past their lifespan

24:31 - "It''s been great to be in a stituation where I could be honest, I didn't have to deceive people..." An example of purpose allowing people to live honest lives.

28:58 - Teachings from the collaborative environment of science, and how it shapes and directs a person.

36:18 - Academia means a constant flow of information that keeps a person engaged and focused.

Education and Community